PT Distribution in Singapore

PT Distribution (not real name) is one of the key players in the wholesale trade of international fragrances. Their principal activity centers around importing and exporting fragrances for their subsidiaries.

The Challenge:

Without a proper centralized ERP system, PT Distribution was ill equipped to handle the rapidly changing demands for the goods they distribute in the FMCG industry. Coupled with the ever-growing demand in their supply volume, tracking incoming and outgoing inventories for multiple subsidiaries then became a challenge as it was a tedious and time-consuming process and also more prone to errors. The inconsistency in data recording resulted in discrepancies in inventory records. Therefore, PT Distribution decided to adopt Microsoft Dynamics NAV which offers a rich suite of features to help them automate and connect their business processes smoothly.

The Solution:

• Dynamics NAV 2016 with Financials Management, Supply Chain Management and Inventory
• Easy Security

The Benefits:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has enabled PT distribution to develop a special customized process that is unique to them and allows them to computerize all master data apart from streamlining their business processes.
With NAV 2016, PT Distribution was also able to:
• Consolidate and file their data with proper versioning, proper track records and audit trail
• Customize the system into allowing them to allocate all their subsidiaries’ stocks in 1 warehouse, with real-time updates