PALMS Smart Warehouse Management System simplifies real-world challenges, improves performance and helps drive business growth within the four walls. PALMS is available both on SaaS and On-Premises.

PALMS Smart WMS helps logistics companies, manufacturers, distributors, traders, e-commerce and retailers thrive in an ever-changing world, by providing the power to quickly adapt to the changes and access real-time inventory information.

Warehouse managers are empowered to perform complex warehouse operations with ease. They are able to utilize their time, space, people-power and equipment efficiently. This helps control costs, improve turnaround time, and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Automate Your Warehouse Operations

Facilities to enable floor staff to efficiently perform all operational activities, with integrated voice or RF-directed tasks. Tasks can be performed by designated operators, in a sequential workflow. It maximizes efficiency and service while ensuring adherence to work rules and process requirements.

Business Intelligence

We live in the age of information and information is power. PALMS Analytics turns data into actionable information. It provides improved control and visibility of your operations, infrastructure and manpower. It helps to take timely business decisions using past, present and future business information.
ROI achieved by PALMS Smart WMS Customers:

  • Higher Space Utilization of 10% - 40%
  • Improve Resource Utilization by 10% - 40%
  • Better Order Fulfilment by 98% - 100%
  • Reduce Sales Returns by 5% - 20%
  • Higher Customer Retention by 96% - 100%
  • Receiving To Put-Away Time Reduction by 10% - 50%
  • Order To Dispatch Time Improvement by 10% - 60%
  • Warehouse Inventory Accuracy by 100%
  • Supplier Invoice to Physical Inventory Accuracy by 100%